The Solicitation Process

The Harris County Housing Authority is pleased to do business with technically proficient and innovative companies. Our business partners offer comprehensive goods and services that benefit whole communities and residents in every corner of the county. Each contract awarded brings the Authority one step closer in executing its ambitious plan to reshape assisted housing, and HCHA continues to make and retain relationships with these contributors. As a public agency, all purchasing by HCHA must be performed in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 2 CFR 200.

Each solicitation varies depending on the scope of the bid, but generally HCHA procures goods and services in the following ways:

The Informal Solicitation Process (Less than $150K)
Purchase orders and contracts for goods and services valued at less than $150,000 may be solicited without public advertisement via mail or fax quotations from an adequate number of qualified sources. Goods and services valued at less than $3,000 may be procured after receiving only one quote as long as that quote is deemed reasonable.

The Formal Solicitation Process (More than $150K)
The formal process applies to procurements valued at $150,000 or more. Solicitations of this value must be processed in an open and competitive manner. In cases in which a Request for Proposals (RFP) is needed, vendors must submit a sealed bid, which will be evaluated based on benefits and/or price. Any procurement valued at greater than $25,000 must be approved by HCHA’s Board of Commissioners. All bids and proposals should be tendered to: 8933 Interchange Drive, Houston TX 77054.

Open Solicitations

IFB-18-02-Sale of Surplus Furniture and Equipment
IFB 18-01 Apartment Furniture



Closed Solicitations

IFB 14-09 Home Repair
RFP 14-01 Developers of Multi-Family Housing/LIHTC Properties
RFP 14-02 Developers of Multi-Family Housing/LIHTC Projects
RFP 14-03 Financial Audit Services and 2013 Audits/Financial Information
IFP 15-01 Amy Young Barrier Removal Housing Repair Program
RFQ 15-01 Legal Consulting Services – Affordable Housing Development
RFQ 15-01 Amendment 1
RFP 15-02 Financial Consulting Services
RFQ 15-02 Market Study Services
RFQ 15-03 Appraisal Services
RFQ 15-04 Environmental Assessment
Request for Bids – Westlock, Amendments 1, 2, 3, 4.
RFQ 15-05 Fenix Estates LIHTC Consultant
RFP 15-03 Construction Management Services
RFP 15-04 Property Management Services
IFB 16-01: General Contractors for Fenix Estates, Addendum
Request for Bids: Subcontractors for Retreat at Westlock
IFB 16-02: Contractors for AYBR Program, Addendum 1, Addendum 2
RFP 16-02: Property Management for Fenix Estates
RFP 16-03: Financial Audit Services
RFP 16-04: Financial Audit Services
RFP 16-05: HQS Inspection Services, Amendment 1
RFP 16-06: IT Support Services, Amendment 1, Amendment 2
RFQ 16-01 Burglary Alarm Installation and Monitoring Services
IFB 16-03: General Contractors for Fenix Estates, Amendment 1
RFP 16-07: Compensation Study, Amendment 1, Amendment 2
IFB 16-04 General Contractors for Fenix EstatesAmendment 1, Amendment 2
Amendment 3Amendment 4
RFP 16-07 Project Based VouchersAmendment 1
RFP 16-08 Third Party Structural Inspection Services
RFP 16-09 Third Party Structural Inspection Services, Amendment 1
RFP 16-10 Employment and Income Verification Services
RFP 16-11 – Janitorial Services
RFP 17-01 – Branding Services, Amendment 1 & Attachments A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H
RFP 17-02 – Third Party Construction Materials Testing, Amendment 1
RFP 17-03 Property Management Services
RFP 17-04 Legal Services for Real Estate,  Amendment 1
HCCSD RFP – Regional Assessment of Fair Housing Professional Services Consultant 
RFP – Voice Over IP Internet Service at 20M Fiber BroadbandAmendment
RFP 17-05 Developers Of Multi-Family Housing
RFP 17-05  Addendum 1
RFP 17-05  Addendum 2
RFP 17-06 Debt Collection and Related Legal Services
RFP 17-07 Attachment 1
RFQ 17-07 Amendment 1Attachment 1 (Exhibit E)Attachment 2 (Exhibit F )
RFP 17-07 Professional Consulting Services to Update HCHA’s Administrative Plan and HCV Program Standard Operating Procedures
RFQ 17-08 Amendment 1
RFP 17-08  Employment Verification Services
RFP  17-09  Fee Accounting Services
RFP 17-10 Amendment 2
RFP 17-10 Amendment 1
RFP 17-10 Financial Services Cypresswood, Attachment 1, Attachment 2Attachment 3
RFP 17-10R Financial Services,Attachment 1, Attachment 2, Attachment 3, Attachment 4
RFP 17-11 Employment and Income Verification Services
RFP-17-12 Debt Collection and Related Legal Services

RFP 17-13 Tax Credit Accounting and Financial Audit Services
RFP 17-13R Fenix Estates Accounting -Audit Services, Amendment 1
RFP 17-15 Income Verification Services
RFP 17-16 Financial Accounting and Audit Services – Affordable Housing Developments, Amendment 1
QSP – Postage & Mailing Services
QSP – Janitorial Services 2018
RFP 18-01 Development Partners of Mutli-family Housing, Amendment 1
RFP 18-02 Compensation Study, Amendment 1, Attachment A,  B
RFP 18-03 HQS Inspection Services, Amendment 1
QSP – Solid Waste Disposal 2018
RFP 18-04 HQS Inspections
RFP 18-05 Compensation StudyAmendment 1
RFP 18-06 Development Partners
RFP 18-07 Property Management Services Cypresswood Estates, Amendment 1 
RFP 18-08 Utility Allowance Study
RFP 18-09 Development Partners (CDBG-DR Funds), Amendment 1