Welcome To HCHA

Harris County Housing Authority (HCHA) is a recognized leader in affordable housing. Since 1975, HCHA has promoted innovative housing solutions that go beyond conventional boundaries of affordable housing. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality housing and assistance programs designed to create desirable, livable, and sustainable communities. To achieve our goals, HCHA provides communities with jobs, helps to establish neighborhoods, and promotes balance and stability for families and individuals who might otherwise not have access to these services. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and to working diligently to assist our clients in achieving self sufficiency.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality affordable housing and assist residents in achieving economic independence. HCHA strives to be a premier housing authority, recognized for service to its residents, and committed to:
  • Assisting those most in need and most vulnerable
  • Reducing the number of homeless families
  • Serving homeless and disabled Veterans
  • Improving the sufficiency of residents
  • Ensuring the safety and well being of its residents
  • Ensuring fiscal integrity
  • Providing quality management and proper maintenance of its facilities

Our Executive Team

  • Horace Allison, Executive Director/CEO
  • Samson Babalola, Director of Real Estate Development
  • Beverly Burroughs, Director of Program Quality
  • Paul Curry, Finance Director
  • Michael Laster, General Counsel
  • Debra McCray, HCV Director