How the Program Works

With funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, HCHA’s Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program helps low-income households choose and pay for quality housing in the private market by paying a portion of their rent.

Because there are more families who need rental assistance than there are funds available, HCHA uses a waiting list to administer the program to eligible families. Generally, when a voucher becomes available, the next family at the top of the waiting list is contacted and screened for eligibility. In some cases, a family may meet certain preference requirements explained in HCHA’s HCV Program Administrative Plan. In those cases, HCHA might move these families to the top of the waiting list. Once selected from the waiting list, eligible families that meet the income guidelines and fulfill other requirements will receive a voucher.

The following are the eight steps most participants take to be a part of the HCV Program:

  1. Apply and interview
  2. Attend a voucher briefing
  3. Use your voucher
  4. Await inspection results
  5. Await rent decision
  6. Sign the lease
  7. Move in, pay rent and utilities
  8. Be a good tenant

Voucher Holder Obligations

  • Comply with HCV Program rules and regulations
  • Comply with the terms of their lease
  • Permit housing inspections
  • Report changes in income and household composition
  • Maintain the unit in good condition throughout the term of the lease

Property Owner Obligations

  • Screen all applicants for suitability as tenants
  • Collect the tenant’s portion of the rent
  • Comply with landlord/tenant and Fair Housing laws
  • Comply with the terms of the lease with the tenant
  • Comply with the terms of the HAP Contract
  • Permit inspections
  • Make timely repairs to keep the property in good condition