Renting to an HCVP Participant

HCHA’s partnership with property owners and managers is integral to the success of the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program. Property owners/managers that participate in the HCV Program enjoy a number of benefits including lower vacancy rates, tenant stability and free property inspections.

Renting to an HCV Program participant is similar to renting to any other tenant: HCV Program property owners screen voucher holders for suitability (as they would any other potential tenant), ask for a security deposit, collect rent and enforce the provisions of their lease (including settling disputes with tenants and evicting those who violate the lease).

Marketing Your Property to HCVP Voucher Holders

Owners can market their property to voucher holders by registering it in the HCHA’s online database or listing it at the HCHA offices. However, HCHA does not require owners to register their property in order to lease to a voucher holder, and registering your property does not guarantee acceptance into the HCV Program.

HCHA’s rental listing service helps owners find tenants and fill their vacancies. You can list properties in detail, add up to 10 photos to each listing, enjoy toll-free call center support and many other benefits. If you have not previously listed properties with HCHA, please click the link below to register or call 877-428-8844 for assistance. If you have already registered for this service, click the second link below to view your listings or to list a new property.

Leasing Your Property to a Voucher Holder

If after an owner shows a unit to a voucher holder and they want to rent it, the property owner should take them through their application and screening process as they would any other tenant. Voucher holders may rent units larger than their voucher size as long as the rent to owner does not exceed the maximum amount indicated on their estimator sheets.

If the owner determines that the voucher holder will make a good tenant, they along with the voucher holder, will complete and submit a Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) packet to HCHA. The owner can submit it by mail, fax, or in-person. If you have questions about where or how to submit the RTA packet, please contact the HCHA Customer Call Center at 713.578.2100 or

Once HCHA receives the completed RTA packet, HCHA will determine whether the owner’s asking rent is reasonable as compared to similar unassisted units in the neighborhood and a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection will be scheduled. Generally, the property owner will receive a call to set up the appointment for the initial inspection within three to five business days after the packet is received by HCHA. An HQS inspection ensures that the unit meets a set of health and safety standards established by the federal government. The unit must pass the inspection and HCHA must approve the rent for the unit before it can be leased to a voucher holder. To assist property owners in preparing units and expediting the inspection process, HCHA provides an HQS Self-Inspection Checklist.

The final step in this process involves the property owner signing a lease with the voucher holder and a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract with HCHA. The HAP Contract governs the relationship between HCHA and the property owner and outlines the rights and responsibilities of each party under the HCV Program. In short, HCHA’s responsibility to the property owner is to make monthly payments on the family’s behalf in a timely manner, and the property owner’s responsibility is to enforce the provisions of the lease, abide by landlord/tenant laws and keep the unit in good condition.

Owners can track payments they receive from HCHA online at