Brenda Sanchez has been with the Harris County Housing Authority for more than three years. When asked about her work at HCHA, Brenda is quick to tell you that the opportunity to serve and help others is an honor and gives her an adrenaline rush that keeps her striving to be her best servant that she can every day. With that same level of enthusiasm, the HCHA designates Brenda Sanchez as the HCHA Employee of the Quarter.

“The thing I like the most about my job is being able to help people,” said Brenda. “Especially now during the pandemic, we have a lot of people coming here from out of town, and I like it when I can help them find safe quality housing in which to call Houston home.”

Nominated by HCHA supervisors, Brenda was chosen for her enthusiasm for her work, healthy relationships with her co-workers, and consistently offering innovative solutions to streamline daunting processes.

“Brenda always goes above and beyond her designated job duties to make the HCHA an outstanding service deliverer. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the Inspections Department and can execute all tasks with excellence and commitment,” said Beverly Burroughs, Director of Program Quality and Inspections. “She takes the initiative to complete all tasks assigned with little or no supervision, as well as always looking for ways to improve HCHA’s inspection protocols.”

As an Inspections Assistant, Brenda is responsible for ensuring landlord and participant issues, concerns, and queries regarding the why, what, when, and how of the inspection processes are addressed promptly. She also schedules initial, annual, and special inspections, perform rent-reasonable evaluations, and performs rental increase requests for other housing authorities, in addition to providing administrative support for the HCV Inspections Department and conducting housing inspections to ensure compliance with HUD regulations.

“Brenda is a team player and can fill any position in the inspections department,” said Debra McCray, Housing Choice Voucher Director. “She is crossed-trained in the call center, records technician, and intake, giving her an extraordinary ability to work with her peers and management, which is a quality her co-workers emulate. She sets her expectations high and tackles assigned tasks until each is completed efficiently and accurately.”

The purpose of the Employee of the Quarter designation is to recognize an employee who has made a significant contribution to the Harris County Housing Authority.

“Brenda provides excellent service to HCHA’s clients and landlords while presenting a positive and professional attitude every day,” said Horace Allison, CEO and Executive Director of the Harris County Housing Authority. “I am proud to recognize her for her outstanding achievements at HCHA.”